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900 years
of history

900 years of history

Beyond the Palace, it is the history of “Family Arezzo” that will enchanted you.

Although legend says that history of the family goes far till the Roman Empire, the Arezzo are in Sicily since the 12th century. However, recent history it is easier to follow.

Arezzo’s family was protagonist of Sicilian history, increasingly getting some of the most important  positions and investitures. Part of the family developed in a linear way, others were more intrigued with coalitions or weddings like in a beautiful romance.

As far as we are concern the family Arezzo Trifiletti, coming from the family Arezzo of Targia, moved to Ragusa in the late 700s after the wedding between the Baron Domenico Arezzo Prado and Concetta Sortino Casa. From that marriage they got numerous fields and a new principal family started.

Afterwards, in the second half of 800s, Carmelo’s son bought the Noble Palace of Ragusa Ibla which is still lived nowdays.

The emblem words


The ancient names of the Family (Ariziis – Arizzi), says the reasons why there are four hedgehogs ( Ricci in Italian language) in the emblem. Two on the light blue background, are the symbol of goodness, firmness and justice. The other two on the golden background represent faith, charity and clemency. Today is still possible to find this emblem in various cities of Sicily from Palermo to Syracuse and of course Ragusa. If you look for it, you can notice that sometimes the hedgehogs face each other or they look like moving. If you want to know the reason please ask at Palazzo Arezzo and you will get a fascinating answer.