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Advertising and cookies policy

We use common monitoring technologies. Palazzo Arezzo collects personal information about users in different websites, mobile applications and other services. Furthermore, we authorize third parties to collect information. To do this, we use various common monitoring tools. Our suppliers could also use these tools as well as browser cookies. We could also use web beacons, flash cookies and similar technologies. We use these technologies for different reasons:

We use monitoring tools, cookies, which are small files that are downloaded when you access some websites. For more information, visit or These pages explain how you can manage and delete cookies. We use monitoring tools, including (but not limited to) cookies for:

  • To recognize new and old users
  • To save the password if you are registered on our website
  • To develop our website
  • To provide you targeted advertising or based on your interests (check below for more information)
  • To observe users behavior and time-browsing activities to our platform
  • To understand better the customer interests

Following there are more information on monitoring technologies and cookies we use. We use all these tools to improve our site and our visitors’ experience:

  • DoubleClick Floodlight and Rocket Fuel are used for monitoring tools to track user behavior in order to  improve the efficiency of our online advertising. We collect information on advertisements displayed and clicked by users. We use this information to improve and personalize our advertising.